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Perks of Friday & Sunday Weddings

Hello from the HPO! We wanted to take a minute to talk about a question couples often ask. Your Saturdays are booking quickly, how are Friday and Sunday weddings? The answer is, they’re great! And there are many benefits to having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday rather than a Saturday.

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For couples who are interested in saving a little money where they can, Friday and Sunday weddings will be cheaper – both for your venue and your vendors! You’ll be receiving the same quality services, but you receive a discount just because of the day you choose. Additionally, you’ll most likely have more vendor options because many are booked for Saturdays far in advance.

Friday Weddings

Friday evening weddings are so much fun! Your guests will look forward to a chance to party the night away after a long work week. They’ll also have the opportunity to have a long weekend and won’t have to travel home the day after your wedding. If you want to keep the celebration going, you can have brunch with close family and friends on Saturday morning before leaving for your Honeymoon. Another valuable thing to note is that you can easily have your rehearsal the Thursday night before and bring in items for your wedding day; relieving stress for both you and your wedding planner.

Sunday Weddings

We love Sunday weddings here at the HPO because, well, they’re just plain sweet! If you’re looking for a more relaxed wedding or you like the idea of a morning wedding, then a Sunday is for you. We know sparkler exits are all the rage, but daylight exits prove just as photo-worthy with streamers, bubbles, sparkles, lavender, flower petals, the list goes on! And can we talk about the brunch menu options for Sunday weddings? Mimosa bar, coffee bar, breakfast tacos, shrimp & grits, donuts instead of cake – yum! Not to mention, brunch menus are less expensive. On a practical note, you can use the weekend to prepare, spend time with family and friends, and have your rehearsal dinner. Out-of-towners will like this option because with enough notice they can request off work on Monday and have a long, relaxed weekend surrounding the celebration.

We hope these tips help you decide on your preferred day and we can’t wait to host all the Friday and Sunday weddings in the coming months!

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