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Bridal Suite Benefits: Why a “getting ready” space is so important

When couples are shopping for their perfect wedding venue, there’s a long check list to think about: what is the time frame for our rental? What type of decorations can we use? What catering companies do you allow? Can we bring in our own alcohol? How many tables do you provide? Do you have a rehearsal policy? And the list goes on! An amenity you may not focus on during the touring process is the bridal suite, but here at The Historic Post Office we think it’s important!

  • The bridal suite gives you an intimate space for all the moments before the ceremony. It’s a time for you to connect with your bridesmaids who you may not have seen in months, and if you have a large bridal party you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for everyone. If you and your fiancé have written notes to each other to read before the ceremony, having a bridal suite gives you a quiet space to enjoy those notes without interruption.  You can also share “first look” moments with your parents which are often times just as emotional as the first look with your groom!

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  • If your venue has a bridal suite, you’re automatically relieving stress for your wedding day. Your bridal party won’t have to drive from hotel to ceremony location and you won’t be fretting about everyone’s location. (It will also hopefully secure your wedding party being on time.) And because you’re not getting in and out of a car, your hair and makeup won’t be disturbed before the ceremony.

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  • An important part of a bridal suite is what type of lighting it provides. According to Hampton Roads’ photographer Stephanie Michelle, the room you’re in must have good natural lighting so your getting ready moments can be the most flattering in images. (We have quite a few photographers who come to the HPO bridal suite just for photoshoots!) And if you choose a venue with a bridal suite, you’ll also maximize on photography time because your photographers don’t have to travel to multiple locations. For couples interested in “first looks” and photos before the ceremony, it will make the entire process easier on your wedding party and your photographers. A win all around!

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If you’ve never been in the bridal suite at the HPO, we’d love to show you around. Whether you relax and get ready or just hold a photoshoot, we’re sure you’re going to love it!

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