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The Beauty of History: Why Historic Sites are the Perfect Venues

Chelsea Anderson Photography // Mad Hatter Vintage

If you keep up with wedding trends, you’ll know that The Historic Post Office is one of many historic venues across the United States that has recently been renovated for events. On a very practical level these spaces have gorgeous architecture but are typically vacant or seldom used so businesses and city planners alike see the opportunity and grab hold of it. What does this mean for couples and why are more and more choosing historic venues for their wedding day?

  • Historic buildings have character – and lots of it! When you imagine your special day are you hoping for a space that says something all on its own? Many couples are looking for something a little different instead of a typical hotel or community hall. This character means you can leave it simple or dress it up.
  • Your chosen venue should reflect your values and personalities and cultivate the appropriate backdrop. Historic venues have stood the test of time and create the perfect setting for the beginning of your forever commitment.
  • Most historic sites are incredibly versatile and allow for you to choose your own layout and style. At The Historic Post Office in particular, we’re all about being a blank canvas for your special day!
  • Typically the rich history of the venue doesn’t stop there and spills out into the surrounding area. Your guests will have easy access to tourist attractions, shopping, dining, etc. Downtown Hampton is a prime example of this!
  • Renovated historical buildings mean brand new amenities! In opening a new space, venues want to provide the accommodations for couples to feel as comfortable as possible. Some of these amenities include professional lighting, large kitchens, and bridal suites. Be sure the historic venue you choose has the character and the services you need.

A brief history on The Historic Post Office:

The Historic Post Office was built in 1914 and designed under the Beaux-Arts architectural period that originated in Paris, France. It operated as the largest U.S. Post Office in the area for many decades until 1986. Since then the building underwent many changes and hosted a comedy club, restaurant, apartment, and TV/film studio. After years of vacancy, the HPO was completely renovated and reopened in January of 2017. We are proud to be one of the historic sites that has come back to life and on the wedding industry map.

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